With the presidential election coming up a lot people are not happy with the idea of Donald Trump’s hair piece being in the white house. So we’ve created a list of the top places to move if the US shits on itself and Trump gets elected.

Dominican Republic

DR has it all…Beautiful weather, friendly locals, and its a known fact that Trump hates Arroz con Pollo. If Trump gets elected learn Spanish and move to DR



Canada is known for its diversity and beautiful summers, marijuana is also legal. Sidenote: Drake and Peta have started a GoFundMe page to collect donations¬†for the removal of Donald Trump’s hair piece. It is believed to be made from a rare bread of muskrat only found in Toronto and must be replaced every 7 days.



Mexico has plans to put a hole in the wall that separates the US from Mexico in hopes of allowing relief to US citizens if Trump is elected. Similar to the underground railroad which freed slaves, Mexico free US Citizens.