“God please send me a good man, a man that is well mannered and can dress” – Ashley R.

While out in the streets of Atlanta Ga, we asked several women what they look for in a potential mate.  The responses varied but seemed to be consistent with one answer, “Oh i love a man that can dress.”  As you may already know the trend of well dressed men in suits is setting the internet on fire.  After asking a these young women how their search had been going finding these well dressed men we finally got a real answer.

“I thought he could possibly be the one, but by the fourth date he had ran out of suits and what seemed to be money from his tax returns.” – April C.9dbb73cce792ad72c3b950d7c8054a39

At the end of the day we found out that some of these women are just after what looks good at first sight only to find out later in the relationship that you can roll a turd in gold but at the end of the day it’s still a piece of shit!  Many women have become victims to this type of guy and left with hurt feelings, the bill and a kid that dress up just like that classic.