Top 5 Reasons Women Cheat

  1. Revenge: They say revenge is a dish best served cold and nothing is colder than coming home and finding your significant other hitting high notes like Mariah Carey! Did she catch you cheating? Does your behavior remind her of someone else from her past?
    *If she’s very blase’ about the situation–Be afraid, be very afraid. This means she’s already made up her mind and Trust me it won’t end well for you! 

  2. .Self-Esteem: This is a big one. Some women post Hundreds of selfies on IG/FB for likes and flirt with guys for attention. We’ve all heard the saying “It goes down in the DM”.  I for a fact know it does because i am in there!

  3. Friends: Birds of a feather flock together. This always holds true. The people you’re around most have a big influence on your perspective and you’re actions. If her BFF is chasing di*k best believe she is right behind.o-CHEATING-SPO-- USE-facebook

  4. Lack of intimacy and Bad sex: A lack of sex or bad sex can also lead to wandering hips. The harsh reality is her partner may not be fulfilling her needs. Intimacy doesn’t always have to be physical but its always necessary. Understanding what level intimacy is key to keeping other gentleman from using your old spice and washing his balls in your sink while you’re at work.

  5. She’s just promiscuous: Ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? While eating the waiter brings you a different cuts of meat every few minutes. Her sex drive is something like that.  “I would like to order the “Bald Weenie tube steak” rare!