“I can’t swim so all I could do is watch”

Said 39-year-old Yellow Stone Park Ranger Willis Williams as a 23-year-old Oregon man essentially dissolved inside a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming after he accidentally fell into it.The bizarre incident happened back in June, when Colin Nathaniel Scott went to the park with his sister to find a place to “hot-pot.”
According to a recently released report from park officials, Scott and his sister went to an unauthorized area near the Norris Geyser.

“He basically got cooked to death…Kind Creepy” Image result for Man dissolves in acidic water after he falls into a Yellowstone hot spring

He reached down to check the temperature of a spring when he slipped and fell into it. Rescuers later found Scott’s body inside the pool, but couldn’t retrieve it because of a lighting storm in the area. When they came back the next day, no remains were found beneath the spring’s churning, acidic waters.