North Carolina Teen stalks girlfriend, dies after throwing himself into traffic

Steve Johnson collapses in the parking lot after arriving at the scene of a mall shooting leaving two people dead at Jamestown Mall Wednesday, July 16, 2008, in Florissant, Mo. Johnson described himself as a first cousin to both victims, a man who according to police shot and killed a woman inside the mall before killing himself. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Asheville NC- “I be damn if you’re gonna suck my D*c* like that, then just up and leave me, i didn’t train you to do someone else.” – A. 

Those were the last word we heard out the 19 year old teens mouth before he threw himself into on coming traffic friday night, after stalking his 18 year old girl friend.  Friends of the teen noticed that he was acting weird days before but did not think it would have caused him to take his own life. stalking_2409547c

“I’m crazy but not stalk you after work crazy, I hate to say this but i wouldn’t mind seeing what that mouth do myself” – J. Ransom

It’s a sad day for the teens family but even a sadder day for the 18 year old girl, because not only did she make a man kill himself but now the entire school knows that the has some killer Pu**y.  We tried to reach out to the teen but could not get in contact, needless to say it will not be going down in her DM’s for quite sometime.