NFL Draft Fail


NFL Draft Fail

Its the biggest day of your career! The day you and your family dream about. You are about to be drafted to the NFL in a few hours and what do you do to prepare??? HIT A BONG!?!? And if that wasn’t enough you post in on Twitter! WTF… Laremy Tunsil you sir… just F’ed up!

He was considered a top 5 pick until “Mr Smoke a lot” decided  to upload the video to Twitter probably costing himself MILLIONS! He was eventually drafted #13 by the Dolphins. Of course he said his account was hacked, sure thats what they all say. Let this be a lesson you kids, don’t smoke the bong until after you get drafted! And please stop posting incriminating videos of yourself.

“I’ll tell you this, No more smoking mid for me once I get drafted”