Kanye West reveals on Ellen Show he recieved 68.3 Million dollar donation from Donald Trump


New York-  “It’s not about what you know it’s about who believes in you, and I believe in Kanye and Kim K. with that big ole ass” hqdefault

Said Presidential candidate Donald Trump, It wasn’t until he watched the Ellen Show where Kanye was a recent guest, did Trump realize that Kanye is apart of the New America.  Kanye had asked Facebook founder Mark Z. about a 58.3 million dollar loan to help power his Yeezy Empire.  As we see Trump not only gave Kanye West the money but gave him an extra 10 million dollars to play with.  We play the game to win and we are going to win said Trump before giving us a big high five.

“What many fail to realize is it’s about having a vision, a dream and a sexy wife  with an ass like a dump truck, we are the new America” -Kanye article013448CC1000005DC769_634x871

Reports say that this money is well worth it for the Trump team when it comes to getting votes to become the next president of the United States.  Kanye West is a powerful man and Donald Trump has just lit a fire that shouldn’t have ever been lit.  Watch out America shits about to hit the fan!