Jesse Williams to star as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Spike Lee film “I Had A Dream”


“See I do it for the people not the money, I’m already rich, now it’s up to me to educated the young brothers out here… Just because we are the magic doesn’t mean we arn’t real” 

Said Jesse Williams to a BET reporter after walking down the red carpet after the BET Awards. After last night I am reason why everyone wants to be a black again I will be the one that will make black people realize that life is more than watching empire and Love and Hip Hop. BET+Presents+Players+Awards+Arrivals+ZtqO5phrH9wl

 “Dr. King had a dream and in that dream i’m pretty sure he didn’t want Tyler Perry to have anything to do with recreating it” -Jesse Williams

It’s a shame that people take for granted what Dr.King did for us, people just keep on wasting their lives away while every other race keeps on getting better. This will be the movie to wake black america up!