“Well I like cutting grass and I have yard’s that are way too far and I don’t want to push my mower so I made this trailer for my bike to pull my mower” – D. Taylor 


Said 13 year old D. Taylor after speaking to a local reporter after he made national head lines for making a home made trailer for his lawn equipment to attach to his bike.  Just 4 days ago Taylor was just a normal kid cutting yards in his Cleveland Ohio neighborhood until he met three time NBA champion Lebron James at the gas station near his home and things changed over night.


“He asked me, yes me for a business card and smiled, five days later I had a new zero turn lawn mower with a note saying you cut my grass now”

Just like that the 13 year old owner of D’s Landscaping picked up a larger than life job, cutting the grass of not only NBA super star Lebron James but several more people in the North East Ohio area.  It takes hard work and sometimes a little bit of luck and your life can change over night,  so if you live in the Cleveland Ohio area make sure to give him a call!