1.   Let go of toxic people in your life (Run away)
  2.   Let go of regretting mistakes in the past (Herpies wont go anywhere, it’s there for good)
  3.   Let go of needing to be right all the time. (Just let it slide, women will win this one)
  4.   Let go of feeling sorry for your self. (Get off your ass and make it happen)
  5.   Let go of negative talk and people who are negative. (keep it to yourself)
  6.   Let go of the need to impress others. (They wont like you no matter what you have)
  7.   Let go of your EX (Delete the number)
  8.   Let go of what people think, the great words of the Late Bernie Mack “Fu*k Um”
  9.   Let go of complaining and gossip. (The only one to change is you)
  10.   Let go of worrying about the future. (Live for the day and make it happen)


So remember live life and worry less!