“Victoria’s Secret Makes The Most Comfortable Panties I’ve Ever Worn But Its Awkward When I’m At The Urinal With My Pants By My Ankles.” Young Thug

Popular Atlanta Rapper Young Thug was arrested in Lenox Mall Friday Afternoon for harassment while shopping in Victoria’s Secret. Sources say Thug was buying himself women’s underwear when he asked an employee “Do these come with a hole in the front so I can use the urinal comfortably.” The employee ignored the famous rapper and he asked another employee. When the manager got word of the request she called mall security and thug was escorted out of the store. It was later found out that Thug violated his parole and he was taken to county jail where he posted bond shortly after.

“I told him Vicky’s does not make lingerie for men and the women’s lingerie come with D**k holes” Store employee