I made a Turrible Turrible mistake. Thanks to Hennessy and Taco Tuesday I’m Waka Flocka’s dad.–Charles Barkley


NBA Hall Of Famer Charles Barkley recently announced that he is Waka Flocka’s father. Waka was conceived after a long night of Hennessy and 2$ tacos. Charles says the night was fuzzy and doesn’t remember it all but he does remember getting a 911 message on his pager 9 months later. Papa Flocka called the number on the txt and found that he had fathered young Waka and which he’s kept a secret all of Waka’s life…Until Now. Waka was so excited about the news that he shaved his head and the two are now trying to make the most out of their relationship.

“That’s my boy but his music is Turrible. He mumbles just like his daddy”