Tristan Thompson Says He Broke Up With Khole Kardashian After Her Pu**y Started Smelling Like Tire Air


“That’s a smell you’ll never forget”

Tristan Thompson finally came to his senses after realizing girlfriend Khole Kardashian ass was no more than an air filled optical allusion.  Thompson went on to say that he realized something wasn’t right when she fell at a Cavs practice and it sounded just like JR. Smith dribbling.

“Her pu**y started smelling like tire air”Image result for khloe kardashian ass

JR. Smith along with a host of teammates were right as Tristan’s side once he realized that Khole was out to ruin his life and his NBA career.  Lamar Odom text Thompson saying I’m glad you got out of the relationship while you did, I would hate to see you smoking crack.