Molly and Percocets found in Tiger Woods’ vehicle during arrest


“He kept repeating something about “Percocets, Molly Percocets… Mask on F*ck it Mask off.” I informed Tiger that he wasn’t wearing a mask but he continued to repeat the phrase” Arresting Officer

Tiger Woods was recently arrested in Jupiter FL for a DUI. Originally it was thought that Tiger was under the influence of alcohol but local authorities later found a mix of Molly’s and Percocets in his vehicle. During the arrest, Tiger basically snitched on himself while continuing to sing the song Mask Off. Officers repeatedly asked Tiger to keep quiet but he refused and continued singing as if he was in a rap video. Tiger has since been released and has apologized for his actions. We hope that Tiger can get it together and get back to winning on the golf course. Although we also love the song Mask Off its not ¬†great way for Tiger to get back into the headlines.¬†

TMZ spoke to rapper Future regarding the incidents and asked if he had any comments. Future responded…. “Sensational”

Popped A Molly I’m Sweating Wooooo!