Meet T.I.’s New GirlFriend Bernice Burgos!


“Unequivocally speaking, My Marriage has been Extinguished, and I feel it is my duty as zone 4 representative to continue to sow my royal oats in any way I damn well please” TI


It’s no secret T.I. and his soon to be ex wife Tiny have separated and the “Word” is T.I. has gone from ex to Next! And I must say his new Girl Friend Bernice Burgos is big upgrade! No shade to Tiny she is also a very attractive woman but Bernice is one of the baddest women from head to toe. S/N Move over Jay-z, TI has the baddest chick in the game wearing his chain! imho

Over the years TI and his family have created quite a large fan base with their tv show “T.I. and Tiny” and many fans are outraged that TI has already moved on. Many of those fans have taken to Twitter to Bash Bernice for allegedly dating a married man. What people have to realize is that you see on the surface isn’t always what’s really happening and also you will never know what is truly happening in someone else’s life. (PC comment of the day)….Buuutttt on flip side Bernice is NICE and I take my hat of to TI that one!


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