Meek Says “I wanted Revenge So I gave Remy Ma The Info” On Nicki Minaj”


“When me and Drake had our beef and everyone was laughing at me I felt like she didn’t have my back. Then I found out she slept with Drake! I’ve been plotting my revenge for months…Didn’t know about Ebro tho, that was a new one for me.”

Remy Ma set the internet on fire this weekend dropping a classic diss record to Nicki Minaj called “ShEther”. The name pays homage to one of the greatest diss records by Nas called “Ether”. In the song Remy dishes dirt on Nicki saying that she slept with various artists and that her butt implants dropped. Many wondered how she got such personal info on Nicki and more importantly were the accusations true! Well leave it to Meek to dispell the rumors. Meek says that he gave Remy the info on Nicki as revenge for her not supporting him when Drake was destroying his career prematurely. Only time will tell if Nicki will respond to Remy but until then the internet will continue to have fun with this one.

Either way fans have been blessed with some of the greatest memes ever!

“She used to give me the side eye when Drake was dissing me but the tables have TURNED! No escaping this one Nicki”