Baby won’t you come my WAayayyyyyy” Fetty Wap

You can’t spell Meek Mill without 2 L’s and Fetty Wap aka the 1 eyed bandit has reportedly stolen Meek Mill’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj. For those of you keeping count that’s “L” number 437 for Meek Mill this year. No man should be forced to deal with such bad luck. Lets hope that after all these L’s Meek has a MONSTER 2017 and maybe he will only take 300 or so L’s. Still not great but a vast improvement…

The rumors of Fetty and Nicki started when they recorded a song together and during the recording session Fetty said “I got my good eye on you”. All women like the little sweet things and apparently that line worked. Fetty Wap is like the new Ray Charles…Well maybe not but he makes some decent songs.

“I got my good eye on you”