Lamar Odom Kicked Out Of Court After Telling Judge Khloe Pu**y Smelled Like Ear-Ring Backs


“If Struggle had a smell it would be this MF”

Were the last words Former NBA Player Lamar Odom said before being kicked out a north Hollywood court room.  Only a year ago Lamar Odom was on his death-bed after an apparent overdose of good prostitute pu**y and cocaine, but as of this past Friday he has turned an over a new lease on life after Divorcing wife Khole Kardashian.Image result for lamar and khloe

“Dying wasn’t that bad… At least I did have to smell death”

Do let the ass fool you, it was so big that she couldn’t wash that MF, Lamar went on to say that it runs in her family.  They spend all this money on getting new asses not thinking that it gonna take twice as long to wash it.  Kanye use to send me page long messages about how he use to sleep in the car some nights because of Kim.