Kanye Cancels Tour Says He Fears For His Life…Jay-Z Is Going To Get Me Killed

“If anything happens to me just know that only Jay and Beyonce know were we be”

Said Kanye during a 15 minute rant after a recent show, where he called out music biggest power couple.  He went on to say that Jay is mad because Beyonce isn’t Kim and when he told Jay about how he felt about how Beyonce was going to end him is when the two started to go their separate ways.  It wasn’t one week later when robbers showed up to a disclosed location to rob kim.

“Jay’s got ni**as in Paris”Image result for jay z kanye

I know he has killers said West at his recent concert, West was so upset about the evil doings of Jay-Z that he was only able to perform 3 songs before breaking down and ending the concert.