Joe Biden Says You Get Dj Khaled In The White House And All He Talks About Is Food


“I’m going to pray for his ankles and his friends”

He talked about all types of shit, how Rick Ross keep wings in his coat pockets, how to cook the perfect grilled cheese, how to get hot sauce pass TSA, the man needs a cooking show.  DJ Khaled was more than excited when he was told he was going to get to meet President Obama and get a tour of the White House, he insisted that this was more important than being the best.

“Can we see the kitchen”Image result for dj khaled in white house

Khaled heart was broken when he found out that all the food was brought into the White House instead of being cooked in there.  He literary checked all the cabinets to only find out they were empty, we have never seen a grown man get mad about not being able to use a kitchen, great guy tho.