“I use to enjoy the game of basketball and playing defense but that was ruined because of Kevin Durrant stupid ass and the Based Curse


Said NBA Super star James Harden as he sat side line to cheer on his best friend Kevin Durrant,  Harden went on to tell us about the day Kevin Durrant disrespected rapper LIL B.  The rapper went on to tell KD that the only thing he was gonna win is a L and then told him that he would have a gift from the BASED GOD when he woke up.  Lil B fan base is somewhat larger than both NBA super stars and his fan believe in him and the BASED WORLD. 

“Slavery was bad but James Hardens feet would make Harriet Tubman want to trade places with her on the twenty-dollar bill” – Will Price (OKC Trainer)635970705114819228-857560977_20-dollar-bill-transfer-transferframe198

As we all know James Harden has been recently called out for his lack of playing defense but after coming forward with this statement we can now blame LIL B and his Based God Curse for Hardens lack of effort on the defensive end.  Hardens shoe deal with Adidas was about to be on the chopping block but thanks to his honesty CEO of the company plans to keep James Harden around for a while.


“I would like to think if our shoe can hold up to those Based God Cursed feet they can hold up to anything” – Adidas