Floyd Mayweather Didn’t Waste Anytime Getting TI’s Ex Tiny In Bed!!!


“I’m the Champ and when I say Champ I mean at all things. I told TI not to leave his girl around me. Now she’s with the money team!”

The Champ AKA Floyd Mayweather didn’t waste anytime getting TI’s soon to be Ex-wife in bed. Tiny filed for divorce from TI recently and its a well known fact that TI and Floyd have had issues over Tiny in the Past. Floyd posted this pic of Tiny in his bed on his Instagram but then quickly deleted the pic. This has to be a shot a TI and there’s nothing more disrespectful way to get to a man than through his woman. Only time will tell how TI will respond! Stay Tuned. 

TI even addressed the fact that Tiny caused issues between the two gentlemen by going to Floyd’s house knowing that he had beef with TI. Revenge is a dish best served cold and this was definitely cold!

This is what happened the last time these two had issues.