Floyd Mayweather endores Donald Trump with 4.5 million dollar donation


“I support winners and it looks like Trump is that” -Mayweather

Said Floyd Mayweather to a TMZ reporter after last weeks Adrian Broner Fight.

I could see if he was just some coke snorting republican but he is the exact opposite.  Trump is the Plug and ain’t no running off on him.  Any man that will bet 30 million on all of my fights and send me them nasty ass steaks and 10 million in 20’s has my vote.  The least i can do is help make america great again!


“When you can wake up on a bed of Hundreds reading your favorite book, “How to make America Great Again,” you have options.” – F. Mayweather

The TMZ reporter then went on to ask Flloyd Mayweather how long he had been reading the book “How to make America Great Again,” Mayweather smiled and replied, “It didn’t take long because I only look at the pictures.”