“Fleece Booty Warrior Johnson” recalls the time he turned Jamal to Janee


“Once I see you covering your mouth when you cough… I gotta have you…. mans butt is something only a few can love to appreciate, dropping soap is a myth…

Said Fleece to a news 13 reporter two weeks before his release from a lousiana based prison, he had been sentenced to 3 years for strong arm robbery back in 1995 but got additional time added to his sentence due to his love for Mans butt.  Prison records show that fleece has raped over 157 men during his twenty-one year stay.

“No one is safe in here, first day in Jamal said he had a cold and couldn’t stop coughing. Everytime he coughed it turned me on… Day 2 he was tossing my salad” – Warrior

By the time prison officials realized what was going on 19 year old Jamal had been given the name Janee and could been seen wearing lip gloss and eye liner, he even recalled the time he tried  Ja-rule in prison.  Fleece was released June 5th 2016 and is adjusting to back to life, he said it’s tough because mans butt isn’t as easy to come by on the outside so he might go back to what he knows best.