“Ayy a mouth is a mouth” DH

Allegations have recently surfaced regarding Dwight Howard and some shall we call it “Foul Play” (Pun intended). Dwight has been accused of being in a relationship with a transexual and cheating her with other trans people. The alleged ex of Dwight is supposedly putting all of his business in the streets and even claims he is a bottom. The 6’11, 265 pound NBA ALL Star is said to have kept his secret from the world for many years. Dwight grew up in the City of Atlanta where things of this nature is not uncommon. Dwight is currently playing for the Washington Wizards where he has been sidelined for most of the season with a Butt injury. We are not sure how the injury was inflicted or who inflicted the injury. 

“Ever since the movie Juwanna Man, I’ve wanted to play basketball. It truly inspired me!”

As social media does, many questionable acts of Dwight have surfaced.

Dwight is known as a bit of a goofball and and a fun loving guy and whatever he chooses to do in the privacy of his home or elsewhere is his business. But we have to admit the rhetoric is a bit comical. Dwight’s baby’s mother even chimed in.

At this point nothing shocks me anymore and I’m sure at some point the truth will come out. But the irony of it all is definitely commical.