“Yo, I can’t have this sh*t on my tour, either you gonna be a ugly white woman or a ugly black woman”


Said P.Diddy after their last show in NYC,  People in the Bad Boy camp say Diddy became angered after he walked right past Lil Kim during a rehearsal mistaking her for an elderly white woman.  Lil Kim has been making drastic changes to her appearance for the last 10 years and none of these changes have been for the better.  X1FCVFkDBBM=

“This isn’t just a concert – this is a moment in hip-hop and R&B history and ill be damn if Kim messes up my tour with her white power bull sh*t.” -Diddy

Many of the artist that are apart of the tour have taken Lil Kim’s side by saying that Diddy hasn’t been paying them since they got together and that having unlimited Ciroc Apple just isn’t enough.  Lil Kim has expected to have spent her entire Bad Boy money from the early 2000’s on bad investments including her face .


“We want people to get excited like the circus is coming to town, not have showing up to see Lil Kim running around looking like a damn clown.” – Diddy

Things you think crew tried to catch up with Mr. Combs earlier this week but were unable to reach him due to the fact that he just underwent rotator cuff surgery on his shoulder.  He still plans on performing during the rest of the tour and  we wish him a speedy recovery and to get well soon.