Derrick Rose Kicked Out Court Room After Saying Her Pu**y Smelled Like Wet News Paper


“He has NBA pockets and a Rec League Penis”

Said 30 year old Liza Wetmouth after a California Judge asked what Rose had done during time of the sexual encounter.  Derrick Rose then took to the stand taking no prisoner’s saying Wetmouth’s Pu$$y smelled like wet news paper wrapped in boiled eggs so there was no way he could have raped her because his di*k would still smell like trash.14608161_10100142678868562_1548167233_n

“He was having sex with her from behind and it was gross”

Rose said that shortly after the woman left the room, he looked out of the window and spotted her having poolside sex with his pal and co-defendant Randall Hampton so he screamed out YO Ni&&a you fuc*ing a trash truck.