“How can someone so small be so angry? I just said with all that money you have you don’t have to sneak fruit punch in a water cup” -manager

Comedian Katt Williams is once again in the face of the law after for the 3rd time this year. He was booked for throwing a salt shaker at a Atlanta restaurant manager after he was told not to put fruit punch in a water cup. He’s been released on $69.64 bond! Katt Williams is still under investigation after fighting a 15 year old boy earlier this month.  I’m sure he wishes he had that salt shaker when he was getting choked out!


“They want me and I’m not getting my ass whooped anymore this year! This is pimping, I’ll never throw salt on the game, but I will throw a MF salt shaker from a distance” – k. Williams

After trying to reach the restaurant manager for further questioning on the situation we found  that he was no longer an employee because he failed a random drug test.