Chicago Doctor Says Thinking About Who To Vote For Caused This Mans Head To Swell


“Keeping things on your mind will do exactly this”

Said 55-year-old doctor Melvin McAuther after a man came into an East Side Chicago over the weekend with a head that 3 times the size of an extra large head.  22-year-old Travis Newlong said he head began to swell on monday, one day before the election.  Doctors said that they believe that Travis over thinking caused the massive swelling.

“None of my hats fit anymore”Image result for pile of fitted baseball hats

Travis said that he just couldn’t make up his mind about who to vote for, Hillary told a lot of lies and Trump was grabbing pu**y. Travis went on to say that he loved grabbing a Pu**y or two but also loved the way Hillary rocked a pant suit.  Doctors diagnosed Travis with Ezekiel syndrome, that’s when your head swells 3 times larger than a big ass head because you though too hard about some bull shit.