Bruno Mars Says He Snorted Cocaine To Clear Sinuses. Had No Idea It Was Addictive


I had a head cold and ran out of Robitussin. So I figured Cocaine is the next best thing. Cleared my sinuses right up! 

Pop mega star Bruno Mars says that Cocaine changed his life while also clearing his sinuses. We’ve all heard the phrase “When life gives you lemons make lemonade.” Well when Bruno had a head cold and his friend gave him cocaine! At the time it probably wasn’t the best decision but Bruno says he made some of his best music while riding the white horse. When you’re brain is sky high you make uplifting music and Bruno says he was definitely on the moon. Thankfully Bruno has kicked the habit but fears his music may suffer. But at the end of the day he knows a hit song is only a white line away

I’m just happy I’m rich and didn’t have to suck a Penis for it