Bill Cosby Slapped With Chicken Pattie


“It wasn’t a Chick Fil A sandwich either. It was a jail pattie. If he got hit 3 inches to the left and that would have been the end of the Pudding Pop man” Inmate Tron #49892163


Its been sad times for the man once considered America’s Dad. Bill was convicted on 3 counts of alleged sexual assault. Women were repeatedly coming forth and making accusations against Bill and he’s now in jail. Bill has been in incarcerated for a short period of time but and it appears that inmates are giving Dr Huxtable are hard time.


It was reported that Bill was allegedly hit with frozen Chicken Patty during a recent lunch break. The force at which the patty struck Bill caused bruising and he’s currently being evaluated for a concussion. This is the first reported incident of assault with a deadly patty. At the time of this writing no inmate has been charged with throwing the patty. More on this as we receive info….

“He’s old now, I’m sure he saw it coming but he wasn’t quick enough to duck.” Inmate Tron