Angry Side-Chick Say Al Green’s Story Gave Her The Idea To Throws Hot Grits On FIU Football Player


“Jonnu you aint shit…..Who the Fu*k is Pam”

Is what could be heard coming from a third floor at a Miami-Dade apartment complex, minutes later you could hear a grown man screaming like a bit*h.  Side-Chick 20 year old Mary Gaspar had done what her grandmother taught her, she threw hot grits on who she thought was her boyfriend, Jonnu Smith was rushed to the hospital with 2nd degree burns all over his body, a neighbor said Jonnu Smith could be heard screaming.

“This Bit*ch can’t even cook…. Who taught her this shit”Image result for sexy black girl arrested

Gaspar told cops that she was tired of Jonnu and his shit and that she would have shot his punk ass if she had a gun.  Gaspar has been released on three thousand dollar bond and says with her new found fame she plans on starting a cooking show.